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Welcome to the Šimat family tourist website. Tisno is well known for its tradition in tourism and hospitality. Following this tradition, our family has been in tourism for many years. Our offer will ensure a pleasant stay in our picturesque Dalmatian town.


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We offer four rental boats for you to enjoy and explore the beauty of the islands, bays and beaches that are not accessible by car or foot. The boats are fully equipped and are available at affordable rates.

Beautifully fully furnished & air conditioned apartments with all you need for a comfortable stay, are not far from the beaches (gravel and sand), restaurants, hotels, entertainment (amusement park, billiard club, water sports, slot club and others. ) but in a totally peaceful and safe environment.

We wish you a pleasant stay!


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Apartment A1(2+0)- Living area of 30 m2. The apartment has one bedroom with a double bed, in the bathroom is a shower, toilet and sink. The kitchen is equipped with stove, refrigerator, cutlery, dishes, coffee maker and tea cup. Terrace is 10 m2 .Internet and air conditioning are included in the price.


Living area of 60 m2. The apartment has two bedrooms with double beds. Each room has your own bathroom with shower, toilet and sink. The kitchen is equipped with stove, refrigerator, cutlery, dishes , a coffee machine and tea cup. Dining room is combined with kitchen. Terrace of 30 m2 with a view of the old part of town. Internet and air conditioning are included in the price.


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Tisno is like a big city on a small scale. It is an urban centre with lovely stone houses, churches, historical and cultural sites, beaches round every corner, taverns, pizzerias, restaurants and bakeries. It has its own style and way of life supported by cultural institutions and social events throughout the year. Coffee shops are regular places for socialising, each of which has its own unique coffees, waiters, stories and clientele. Everything you need is within reach, and you don't need to stray too far from town to experience all the charms of the summer atmosphere for which people flock to the Adriatic.

Tisno is a lively thoroughfare, where you can taste all the little pleasures of life. Everything is so close that with each trip you can go back in time, whether you are going for lunch, dinner or back home to sleep wherever you are staying. Dalmatians choose their names very carefully - and the location of Tisno on the island of Murter, and the way it almost touches the mainland from which it is barely separated by a channel that is narrow, or tisno, is the main reason for its name. The name of the place existed long before the village flourished there.


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  • Model: Jeanneau Cap Camarat 755 WA
  • Motor: HONDA 225 VTEC 4T
  • Lenght: 7,52 m
  • Width: 2,59 m
  • Max. num of persons:8
  • Model: ZAR 65
  • Motor: HondaBF 200 PS 4 stroke
  • Dužine: 6,55 m
  • Width: 2,65 m
  • Max. num of persons:10
  • Model: Atlantic Sun Cruiser
  • Motor: 135 hp
  • Lenght: 5,90
  • Width: 2,52
  • Max. num of persons:6
  • Model: Zar 53
  • Motor: Yamaha 115ps 4T
  • Lenght: 5,50 m
  • Width: 2,45 m
  • Max. num of persons:8
  • Model: Ranieri Soverato
  • Motor: Mercury 115 efi 4 stroke
  • Lenght: 5,40 m
  • Width: 2,32 m
  • Max. num of persons:7
  • Model: Atlantic Sun Cruiser
  • Motor: Honda 115 bf 4 stroke
  • Lenght: 5,90 m
  • Width: 2,52 m
  • Max. num of persons:6


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